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[Download] Minecraft Quicktyper

DOWNLOAD (Achtung, der Quicktyper funktioniert NUR im Fenstermodus!)

This application lets you enter pre-defined commands which are activated in-game by a single press of a button. Very handy for Operators to spawn common weapons without typing everything in all the time. There is no game modification, essentially it is just a macro manager. You can also use this to spam the chat with custom messages, but this is not its primary purpose tongue


+Custom shortcut keys added

+"NAME" syntax added
+"ENTER" syntax added
+Multiple commands can be assigned to one key
+Secret key combination added that spawns all items (2 keys, last one is the first one in the alphabet)

+Critical bug was fixed
+Correctly shutting down now

Syntax System
Since v1.2 a syntax system has been added. In every command the %NAME% keyword will be replaced with the in-game name specified on the top. The %ENTER% keyword will trigger the Enter key so that the command gets executed. If you hover with your mouse over the text box, you can see the command without the keywords.

Assign Shortcut Keys
Since v1.3 you can assign custom shortcut keys for commands. Just click on the button next to the command and a "?" will appear. Press the custom shortcut key on your keyboard and it should accept and display the new shortcut key.

DOWNLOAD (Achtung, der Quicktyper funktioniert NUR im Fenstermodus!)

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