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[ED] XBOX One Patch Notes (16. Juni 2016)


Xbox One (16. Juni 2016)

Xbox Specific

- Fix Horizons privileges not being shared by Home User
- Fix "Psychedelic Tiles" graphical glitch

Stability Fixes

- Prevent crash on encountering a replicated cash-for-cargo trader
- Fix server crash on non-turn platforms
- Guard against player recreation when transferring location for exploration databases

General Tweaks & Fixes

- Fixed commander name on Xbox when receiving an inbox message for a newly granted system permit
- Fix rank up notification inbox messages being incorrectly hidden
- Fix ammo being incorrectly removed from modules that have had their ammo capacity increased by an Engineer
- When resurrecting at a station controlled by a hostile faction, automatically adjust the reputation up to disliked to avoid unnecessary peril
- Added latest batch of translations
- Various text fixes


- Fix NPCs ending up with overpowered hybrid weapons
- Stop NPCs deciding to attack if they only attack opposing powers and the player and AI powers are aligned to the same superpower
- Slight rebalance of the ambient AI rank chances, should see slightly less of the top end and more of the low/mid range
- Smooth out the mission-spawned USS AI levels so that high ranks are rarer and only elite missions hit the top end ai (though deadly can get close)


- Un-filter blueprints when entering the blueprints selection panel


- Correct Microresource contract panel is now being used in any panel at a mission's hand in stage(s). This should now indicate why a mission cannot be handed in if the player's microresource inventory is full
- Using a Discovery Scanner in Planetary Rescue or Salvage missions should now give an inbox message
- Microresouce Contract Elements now included on relevant panels
- Fix target spawn times and allow new destination delivery missions to work
- Fix landable planet issue with dynamic scan rescue


- Fix incorrect thresholds displayed for Fortify and Undermine actions
- Fix being unable to deliver Powerplay commodities in a handful of starsystems, including Sol
- Fix Zachary Hudson's actions when being opposed by other Federal powers
- Fix supporters of Independent powers being unable to earn merits from conflict zones
- Fix a bug in the Powerplay turn processor so it once again gives the correct result for preparations


Xbox One (03. Juni 2016)

Xbox One

Horizon - Season Pass and Bundles available for purchase from the Xbox Store which brings The Engineers Update
Added 39 Achievements with a total Gamerscore of 500
Fix for Context Menu, now on by default
Fix for 'boost' triggering when exiting some menu's

Stability Fixes

Fix station services being left open - to crash - when player deploys their buggy while in a station menu
Prevent soft lock if NPCs are spawning in a region that hasn't been constructed yet
Fix for crash when opening the edit loaded screen in CQC after unlocking new modules from ranking up
Fix for soft-lock in module data gatherer when loading into the game
Fix a crash if transmitting a message when there's no location object (e.g. on death)
Fix a crash creating certain scenarios
Fixed crash in fighter cockpit when kinematic is ready before its target
Fix crash when trying to use FSD Interdictor on a target object that is not a ship
Fix crash with ship components activating before the object is ready
Crash fix for when a weapon with the Malfunction Hit special effect hits a module that can't malfunction
Prevent crash when applying livery items while deploying or boarding with the SRV
Fix soft lock happening sometimes when editing or deleting a bookmark
Handle the case where we don't have a reference module more gracefully, and output some more useful logs for debugging this

General Tweaks & Fixes

Fix case where save could get in an inconsistent state and game would think the player was flying while the server thought they were docked, preventing cargo collection among other things
Fix a cause of becoming stranded in an SRV above a planet's surface
Make sure that flight model handles forces correctly
Add links to new tutorial videos
Community Goal rewards now automatically redeem after 2 weeks
Fix Imperial Cutter hull issue blocking cargo scooping
Set server status and in-game main menu notifications during weekly server maintenance
Missile and Torpedoes Icons are wrong way around fixed in outfitting
Adding ship type string for damaged fed cap ship so it doesn't assert on contacts panel
User cannot return to gameplay after selecting the Spoiler option in Livery Outfitting with a ship paint job already applied fixed
Updated nested bookmark icon to improve clarity
Various text fixes


Fix founder delivery to not go to smaller ports / outposts
Fix for mission cargo being marked as illegal salvage when dropped from a target ship
Temporarily remove SRV mining
Reduced the chance of wrinkles from test levels
Reduced chance of treasure tips from test levels
Rather than the total number of micro resources (spanning all types), say what type and how many of that type we need space for
Make planetary missions use rank to determine base strength
Remove economy dupes in info panel and popup when secondary economy is the same as main economy
Remove low level materials from the rewards lists so that players can't be given them by missions
Various text fixes


Allow some Engineers to gain reputation by activities other than crafting
Rebalance engineer reputation gain from crafting blueprints
Updated rate of Engineer progression balancing numbers
Prevent superpower reputation from affecting rep gained by Engineers crafting recipes
Engineers invite mission does not take into account the size of your ship when it selects destination fixed
Remove unused variables from engineer missions because they may have been blocking progress
Increase default size of Pop Up Engineer Dialogue s in order to accommodate larger strings
Resource Grade icons have been updated to support grade 5 resources
Updated buff icons to make them more readable


Improvement for ice planets to increase the detail in the mid distance. Required Light power(albedo boost)/Mid amp increase and a larger mid fade distance
Correct the proclaimed maximum terrain feature height on planets to fix issues with some physics patches not generating


SRV turret mode give incorrect hull information
SRV wheels don't spin on networked player fixed


Xbox One Patch Notes (1.5.02)

Content Additions
- Elite Dangerous: Arena now available as a stand alone purchase, allows cross-play with Elite Dangerous
- In Game Store added to allow the purchase of Game Extras, such as Paintjobs and Bobbleheads. Use Frontier Points available from the Xbox Store to purchase in game Extras.
Added 24 new achievements worth 350 Gamerscore

- Don't crash if an invalid preset is selected in bindings.
- Fixed a crash in trail rendering.
- Prevent a crash if closing bulletin board while the page is updating.
- Fixed a prospecting drone crash.
- Fixed a render crash with asteroid cluster.
- Fixed a crash from NPC launching.
- Zooming into a discovered planet surface map and zooming out will show all unknown planets - fixed.
- Rebalanced the ice field lighting in the CQC map.
- Fix for crash during outfitting
- Added guards for a door manager related crash
- Fixed Mine/Missile malfunction causing the client to crash
- Added guards to help prevent a Capital Ship related crash
- Limit Galnet to only displaying recent articles in the game
- Fix Darnielle's Progress in the Maia system
- Fix some names in local trading report news articles.
- Stop requiring the Phekda permit to travel to that starsystem
- Rank missions should no longer instantly fail for no apparent reason
- Ammo store shouldn't show drones as purchasable if there is no stock
- Galaxy map now remembers the previous Cargo Mass slider setting, unless enough real cargo is added to the ship to exceed the slider setting
- Don't replot the current route just because the Galaxy Map is opened. Fixes the route being forgotten sometimes if viewing the galaxy map during FSD charge, and helps to avoid forgetting the in-system target at the end of the route
- Fix Imperial Cutter schematic
- Fix for network object ID exhaustion.
- Fixed some missing Powerplay translations.
- Fix an error on the server when a CQC Deathmatch game starts
- Fix the splash at the end of a CQC game showing incorrect results
- Fix the team balancing to account for player rank correctly
- Fix a server error for when a player joins shortly after the lobby enters the initialising state
- Make sure we don't mark a CQC game as about to end when its in the loading state
- Adjusted how teams are set up in CQC games so make them more balanced
- If someone joins a CQC match when the current game has less than 1 minute left, then have them wait on the lobby screen for the next match instead of joining a game about to end
- Hold on to CQC spawn points for longer to avoid spawning on top of a ship
- Lowered the min damage threshold for getting an assist on a player in CQC
- Remove the first blood bonus from capture the flag mode
- Remove the highest score bonus from free-for-all games as the highest score will be the winner, so they ended up double dipping for XP when winning
- When you accept a pending CQC invite, then decline any other invite you have
- Fix CQC Loadouts not always being saved
- Community Goal top contributor news reports have returned, featuring Commanders from all platforms
- Wanted Xbox commanders can now appear in top 5 bounty local news reports
- Fix a crash in system simulation for "Sidgoe LX-S c17-0"
- Fix for purchased exploration data not always giving details on all bodies in that star system
- Fix for First Discovery names from Wings appearing too many times
- Fix for refuelling 10% button
- Fix for System Map memory leak
- Change the default number of items per page in Exploration selling from 20 to 50 following from server-side optimisations.

SERVER UPDATES (Xbox Specific - These items are already in place on PC servers)
- When purchasing exploration data, Universal Cartographics is now able to include details on all bodies in a system.
- Fixed a number of star systems with stuck controlling minor factions.
- Fixed some metadata mismatches causing server errors.
- Fixed a server crash if a star system is being accessed while being deleted.
- Various server performance and reliability improvements
- Allow local news articles to only be shown at certain markets within a single starsystem
- Misc reliability fixes when awarding Trade Vouchers to Wing members
- Disregard background sim consequences for crimes committed against Powerplay NPCs
- Filter out background sim local news reports from more than 30 days ago
- Various background sim reliability improvements
- Fixed some missing Powerplay system effects
- Updated galactic mean commodity prices
- Change to allow scenario spawning to fall back to stations as centre-bodies when the system has a population with no planets. Allows such systems to have conflict zones and for players to influence that war.

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